Our work . . .

Supporting healthcare innovators to test their ideas and embed success

Case study:

Support consultancy to The Health Foundation’s innovation programmes

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The scenario

We have so far supported over 140 teams who have received an award from the Health Foundation to test their innovative healthcare improvement projects through both the Shine, Innovating for Improvement and Scaling up for Improvement grant schemes.These have been taking place in every sector of healthcare and across an enormously diverse range of clinical settings (see video). They are developing new approaches to delivering healthcare including:

  • supporting patients to be active partners in their own care
  • improving patient safety
  • improving quality while reducing costs
  • The use of innovative technology

Our contribution

We ensure that the project teams have a robust project management framework as this underpins a rigorous approach to testing and evaluating their innovation. We support them as they progress through the set-up, implementation and evaluation phases, encouraging them throughout to remain focused on demonstrating impact. From the outset we reinforce the importance of measurement and early planning for sustainability and spread.

The impact

The vast majority of projects have been successful in achieving measurable benefits which has been a stimulus for both local and widespread quality improvements in healthcare.