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Case study:

Reduction of the average turnaround time in the sterile services department of an acute trust

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The problem

was an unsatisfactory turnaround time for theatre packs of 3 days.  This caused conflict In the relationships between staff of theatres and the sterile services department and considerable waste in the process through reliance on costly emergency supplies of theatre packs.

The solution

We worked with staff from both departments and focused on four domains:

  1. Processes – observation of ‘current state’ process, value-stream mapping and process redesign, using lean tools and PDSA cycles
  2. Systems – reviewed policies and procedures to establish efficiency and maximise productivity, including the application of standard operating procedures
  3. People – worked with the teams to establish constructive working and interpersonal relationships
  4. Sustainability – held brief weekly sessions to identify and resolve problems, and consolidate sustaining systems and behaviours

The outcome

The service achieved and sustained an average turnaround time of 7 hours and team climate was considerably improved